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What We Do

Texas Groundwater Surveyors provides scientific groundwater discovery and water production consulting services for a variety of industries and clients in Texas and surrounding states. We take the guess work out of water drilling and production.

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Groundwater Exploration Services

For those preparing to drill a new well and need certainty on water availability.
We help Farmers locate high yield wells for supporting their irrigation systems.
For Ranchers who need help finding water and high yield zones for ranch operations.
For energy services in need of high yield water wells for drilling activities.
We assist Municipalities with locating and developing well fields for their community.
We help Realtors and Buyers locate water before they purchase or sell property.
For industries looking for high yield water well zones to support their operations.
For homeowners needing assistance finding the largest yielding well on their property to support living usage.

I spent well over $8,000 searching for water on my ranch by using common practices of drilling holes in the ground and hoping for the best outcome. After three dry holes, I called Texas Groundwater Surveyors, and they were able to survey my land and pinpoint the highest production zones for drilling. I now have water that fits the agriculture need of my operations.

-- Linda Smith --

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